Walk This Way Spot
Tango x Off The Charts
$250 Regular Price/$200 Overrun • Guaranteed Settle

When we laid eyes on the guy at the 2015 Fall Classic, we knew we needed to own him. Walk This Way is the $4000 co-top selling boar from Duncan. Admired for his extra stout build, his big even toes, this guy is exactly what the spit breed needs to fix it's feet and leg issues. If your herd needs extra mass and power, with structural integrity, get your "Walk This Way" ordered today!

Owned with A Cut Above

  Tippin It Back Berkshire
Tipping Point x I Do
$50 / Dose Guaranteed Settle
Owned with Vance Aldridge

Tippin It Back was our purchase from Schmalling Brothers Berks at the 2016 STC. If your sows are a little leggy, and you need to downsize your frame score, or are looking at making those banner hanging barrows, Tippin It Back needs to be on your short list. Stout built, extra square and built like a Mack truck, this guy comes and goes about as wide as you can make one.
  Tijuana Berkshire
Non Typical x Juanchez
$75 / Dose Guaranteed Settle
Owned with Vance Aldridge

Tijuana is the class winning boar at the 2016 STC that we purchased from Brandon Davis. Admired for is stout bud and extra big foot, this guy comes and goes on a massive skeleton. Tall shouldered, big ribbed, this guy will make both foundation females as well as showing competitive barrows.