THE ONE Berkshire
Sire: Unbreakable x Shattered x Non Typical
Dam: Rocket x Black Out
$250 Regular Price/$200 Overrun • Guaranteed Settle

The One was the Grand Champion Berk boar at the 2020 National Show at Des Moines IA. We heard about this guy before the show, watched several videos and talked to several great hog men. They all said the same thing, "he is the One!" He is out of a tremendous litter; he won the National Show, his littermate brother was Champion at the 2020 Midwestern National Show and another litter mate brother was retained by the Armstrongs. It is hard to find Berk boars that are built from the ground up but he has big square toes, big legs and ideal angles to all his joints. He is wide based and full bodied with a tremendous skeleton. He has big ribs, a big full explosive top with a 9.0 loin eye and a big square rump. He is opened up and packed full of muscle from head to tail with a 7-7 underline. The One is tall fronted, level topped and blown wide open. Like judge Dan Burzlaff said, when one this good comes along, you just have to buy him because they don't come along very often. He is The One!

Owned with Shipley Swine Genetics and Snyder Berks


Sire: Shattered
Dam: Juice It (Champion Berk Gilt - IN Open 2018)
Stress: Negative
Off-Season Pricing: All-Day: $125

Champion and $19,000 High Selling Berkshire Boar @ Indiana State Fair

We were pretty excited when Joe called us to let us know that he had just purchased the Champion at Indiana! Identity Crisis is not your usual Berkshire, paint this one any color and he’ll compete at any level! Stout skulled with some big feet and legs! Gets out and strides like a cat. The mother of Identity Crisis was the Champion Berkshire Gilt @ The Indiana State Fair Open show in 2018! Talking with Joe, there are numerous state fair winners in this guy’s pedigree. Great boar with a great sow base behind him!

Bred by: Birchmeier Family
Owned by: Joe Boose and Bob and Kirk Miller
Housed at: Hi Point Genetics


Tongue Tied x Dream Big
Stress Negative
Semen -$200/Dose

Loose Lips was Greg Hartman's consignment to the Alternative Sale last June, and are we sure glad he was offered for sale online. When Greg walked this guy off the trailer, we were blown away with just how good this guy really was. If you watched the virtual preview online, you could hear Greg in the background talking this guy and you could tell just how excited he was to have put this one together, and he's raised some damn good ones over the years! We understand these picures doesnt do him justice, but study his build. This guy is one stout made, big footed sound designed hog that can flat get out and motor. If you want to make better legged spotted hogs that have a showring look, this guy is a must use.

Owned with Iberg Livestock


Grave Digger x Rumor
Semen - $100 / Dose
Owned with The Wilkins Family

The Undertaker is the Reserve Champion Boar at the 2019 Fall Classic shown by Quizz Hereford's. We weren't at the show, but after talking to a few people about what was at the show, this guy kept coming up in conversation. Now we understand the picture doesn't do this guy any justice, however this one checks all the boxes. Good built, sound footed, stout made with muscle. We all know the track record that Quizz brings to the table and the fact that Grave Diggers offspring have hung numerous banners over the years. We feel that this guy was the peice of the puzzle needed to make th enext generation better.



Walk This Way Spot
Tango x Off The Charts
$250 Regular Price/$200 Overrun • Guaranteed Settle

When we laid eyes on the guy at the 2015 Fall Classic, we knew we needed to own him. Walk This Way is the $4000 co-top selling boar from Duncan. Admired for his extra stout build, his big even toes, this guy is exactly what the spit breed needs to fix it's feet and leg issues. If your herd needs extra mass and power, with structural integrity, get your "Walk This Way" ordered today!

Owned with A Cut Above

  Tippin It Back Berkshire
Tipping Point x I Do
$50 / Dose Guaranteed Settle
Owned with Vance Aldridge

Tippin It Back was our purchase from Schmalling Brothers Berks at the 2016 STC. If your sows are a little leggy, and you need to downsize your frame score, or are looking at making those banner hanging barrows, Tippin It Back needs to be on your short list. Stout built, extra square and built like a Mack truck, this guy comes and goes about as wide as you can make one.
  Tijuana Berkshire
Non Typical x Juanchez
$75 / Dose Guaranteed Settle
Owned with Vance Aldridge

Tijuana is the class winning boar at the 2016 STC that we purchased from Brandon Davis. Admired for is stout bud and extra big foot, this guy comes and goes on a massive skeleton. Tall shouldered, big ribbed, this guy will make both foundation females as well as showing competitive barrows.