Miller Farms is a sixth generation family farming operation located in southern Ford County, near Melvin, Illinios with a deep heritage established in 1872. Miller Farms has been raising hogs since 1970. We are not a factory farm. We specialize in raising showpigs, breeding stock and locker hogs for the local consumer. In 2007, we were asked to supply a local establishment in Melvin with fresh retail pork cuts. We now have evolved into offering a wide variety of lean, healthy pork products. From pork chops to ham and everything in between, we strive to meet our customer's demand fo a safe, heatlhy food source. We also offer halves and whole hogs for your freezer. If we do not offer the cut you desire, contact us and we will try and accomodate your special order.

Our pork is grown on our farm and is custom processed at state and federally inspected facilities. All our animals are humanely treated and observed daily. Our hogs are fed grain raised on our farm and not fed any harmful chemicals or steroids. We are certified by the National Pork Producers Quality Assurance Program, Level III, the highest level possible.

When you buy from Miller Farms, the middleman has been eliminated. Our products are produced at Melvin and labeled with our name, Miller Farms. We take pride in our home-grown products and strive ot provide our customers with farm fresh quality. After all, we eat too! Let us show you how delicious fresh pork can be!

Place your orders by calling 217-388-2419 or email us at

Miller Farms Product List
*indicates all natural product
Breakfast Sausage  
  Pork Sausage Bulk 1Lb. Pkg
  Pork Sausage Links 1Lb. Pkg
  Pork Sausage Patties 1Lb. Pkg
8 patties/Pkg. OR 1/4 Lb. Patties 4/Lb.
Italian Sausage  
  Bulk Sausage 1 Lb. Bag
  Italian Links 4-6 Links/Pkg. Aprox. 1-1.5 Lb/Pkg.
Ribs *subject to supply  
*Spare Ribs *Country Style Ribs *Baby Back Ribs
Loin Cuts    
* Bone-in Chops 1-inch thick 2/Pkg.
* Butterfly Pork Chops 3/4-inch thick 2/Pkg.
* America's Cut Boneless 1-1/4 inch thick 2/Pkg.
* Tenderloin 1/2-11/2 Lb. Pkg.


Roasts & Steaks  
* Shoulder Roast 3-4 Lbs.
* Fresh Ham Roast 3-4 Lbs.
* Loin Roast 3-4 Lbs. (Limited)
* Pork Shoulder Steak  
  Ham Steak 3/4 inch thick, Hickory Cured
Ham & Bacon  
Bacon medium cut Approx. 1 Lb. Pkg.
Bacon Ends   1/2-1 Lb. Pkg.
Boneless Honey Glazed Spiral Cut Ham
Boneless Hickory Smoked Ham
Bone In Hickory Smoked Ham
Griller Basics  
  Pork Burgers 1/3 Lb. Patties - 2 Lbs. Pkg.
  Brats 4 Brats/Pkg - Approx. 1 Lb. Pkg.
  9 Different Flavors: Apple & Cheddar, Bacon & Cheddar, Sweet Jamaican, Garlic & Cheddar, Jalapeno & Chedder, Cajun, Wild Rice & Mushroom, Supreme Pizza & Swiss, and Plain
Thaw & Eat    
  Snack Sticks 8 sticks/Pkg.
  3 Flavors: Bar B Que, Jalapeno & Cheddar and Plain
  Deli Ham Hickory Smoked Approx. 1 Lb. Pkg.
Special Order Pepper Bacon, Fresh Side Meat, Crown Roast, etc. If we do not offer the cut you desire, we will accomodate your special order. There may be a two week wait for these items.
Bundle Packages  
Breakfast Bundle:
2 Pkg. bulk Sausage
2 Pkg. Bacon
2 Pkg. Sausage Patties
2 Pkg. Sausage Links
Griller Special:
3 Pkg. *Pork Burgers
3 Pkg. Bone In Chops
3 Pkg. Brats - Any Flavor

Sampler Bundle:
2 Pkg. Deli Ham
2 Pkg. Bacon
1 Pkg. Sausage Links
1 Pkg. Sausage Bulk
1 Pkg. Italian Sausage Links
1 Pkg. Italian Sausage Bulk
2 Pkg. Pork Burgers
2 Pkg. Brats - Any flavor